Tea by Kim Chen  

Tea by Kim Chen


I am a southern California native and for the first half of 2014, I explored the world with my wife Kim. We left behind a comfortable photography business to pursue our dream of starting a family.

Since our arrival here, I've been fortunate to meet and work with many extraordinary people and see and learn about New Zealand's culture and landscape.

Using my extensive experience behind the camera, I got my start here as a freelance camera and lighting assistant for motion and still productions. I also managed lighting and camera gear for some notable rental houses in Auckland as well as worked on a bit of line production.

Since then I took on a long term contract as an in-house production coordinator/DA for a production company here in Auckland. Working at a small outfit has given me opportunity to work on all facets of production from rigging/operating Canon Cinema cameras to production managing/coordinating to editing and grading stills to doing radio edits to producing treatments, call sheets, and timelines. I've even taken the creative lead on a website reboot and done a bit of copywriting. 

Additionally, I'm a creative thinker and problem solver. I'm able to art direct, produce budgets, negotiate rates/fees, supervise music and manage licensing, liaise with clients, manage and streamline volume data, assist with marketing, do light gaff/grip work, and I still have my full camera kit for stills photography... yeah, a bit of everything and I love all of it.

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