Tea by Kim Chen  

Tea by Kim Chen


Hi. I'm Bob Lajes. I am a southern California native and for the first half of 2014, my Kiwi partner Kim and I left behind a comfortable photography business to explore a bit of the world together and to start a family here in New Zealand.

Since our arrival here, I've been fortunate to meet and work with many extraordinary people and see and learn about New Zealand's culture and landscape.

Using my extensive experience behind the camera, I got my start here as a freelance camera and lighting assistant for motion and still productions. I also managed and maintained lighting and camera gear for some notable rental houses in Auckland.

Since early 2015 Bob Lajes Limited was formed and I have been actively working in film production within the advertising industry. I've stayed busy with production companies and advertising agencies as a production manager, production coordinator, photographer, stills producer, director's assistant, 2nd AD, camera assistant, junior editor, stills editor/grader/retoucher, lighting tech, DIT, media manager, music supervisor, marketer, copywriter, creative consultant, and project manager.

I'm keen to work on both agency and production side of the fence on a full-time, per-project, or contract basis. If you need a creative thinker/problem solver with a broad skill set that can be applied across disciplines, someone who can communicate effectively with client, creative, and production, then we should talk.

Bob Lajes CV

Robert@BobLajes.com | + 64 27 689 6893